I hired A.S. Bookkeeping, LLC. to help me with my personal bookkeeping and have a better understanding of where my money was going. They have done a great job helping me understand the amount of money I was spending on Eating Out and little purchases that add up quickly. I now have a budget in place to help me curve my spending so that I can make better spending choices and save money for the future!

~Emily H.


When we decided to hire a bookkeeper I had done a lot of research on the questions to ask, A.S. Bookkeeping, LLC. provided us with great answers to all of our questions and made our choice of hiring them very easy. Their affordable rates and knowledge have improved our business since we hired them not mention we have more time to what we need to satisfy our customers needs and not be worrying about our books.

~Jessica J. (Small Business Owner in Colorado)


I am a consultant for a Direct Selling company and I had been debating for a very long time if I really needed a bookkeeper I made the decision to hire A.S. Bookkeeping, LLC to help me with business bookkeeping and our families personal bookkeeping.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made they helped me understand the general concepts of bookkeeping so that I was using our QuickBooks software correctly.  They helped me understand the importance of understanding our commission structure so that I can accurately calculate how much I should be receiving in commissions on a monthly basis.  They also helped our family to understand how little everyday purchases at the convenience stores add up very quickly my husband was astonished at the amount of money he spent on the convenience stores on a weekly basis we have now adjusted our grocery shopping to include those items he used to purchase at the convenience store and are saving a ton of money.

~Tammy F. (Consultant for a Direct Selling Company)


TIME & MONEY SAVER! I hired A.S. Bookkeeping, LLC. because I found myself working the business during the day and then spending my evenings & nights trying to figure out the bookkeeping. Hiring them has made it possible for me to work the business during the day and spend the evenings with my family, they also discovered many Invoicing errors I had been making and corrected for the future so that I was not losing money.

-Danny T. (Small Business Owner in Colorado)


Amy Singmaster has been my right hand women for several years in my heating and cooling business. I can’t say enough about her work ethic and integrity! I trusted her and depended on her in several areas of my business (bookkeeping, office management, customer service, marketing, ect…) and she always went above and beyond to make sure the job got done, this is very hard to find in modern times and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will see what I am talking about. She will be a cornerstone of any business she is involved with and most of the time does this with a smile. She has made a career change and handles a smaller portion of my business, but this only goes to prove “The cream rises to the top” I have and always will recommend Amy Singmaster and wish her and anyone she works with all the best in the future!”

-Jared M. (Owner of  Heating & Cooling Company Colorado)