Quick Tip- Shortcut for Writing a Check


When using QuickBooks there are many shortcut key’s to navigate through screens quickly!  This week Quick Tip is for Writing a Check.

While you are in your Quickbooks Software press and hold the “Crtrl” key followed by the “W” key to open the Check Writing Screen.

Key- controlKey- PlusKey- W

There has to be an Easier Way… THERE is HIRE a Bookkeeper!

There has to be an Easier Way… There is HIRE a Bookkeeper!

There has to be an easier Way!

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Direct Sellers- Do you know how much you’re earning on your hard work?

Direct Sales Businesses all operate on the same general principle of commissions & bonuses but do you track and understand your commissions and bonus’s or just wait till the end of the month to find out what will be deposited to your account or the check you will receive?  Direct Sales Company’s just like other companies make mistakes but if YOU aren’t keeping track of what you should be making how would you ever know if you were paid incorrectly or if they missed including you on a bonus? This is information you need to know PRIOR to your monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly checks!

Knowing what you’re going to make prior to your getting your check is important for many different reasons here are just a few:

  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Are you going to meet your monthly goal?
  • Are you going to miss out on a bonus because of just a few dollars?
  • Setting Goals for upcoming months to grow your business to the next level?
  • Are you working towards an incentive trip?  If so what do you need to sell each month in order to earn to that trip?
  • Can you afford to purchase that next round of sample products or promotional material?
  • Do you make more money on sales or sponsoring new members to your team?
  • Does your inventory need restocked and if so what do you need?

You Should KNOW the answer to all of these questions if you don’t then it’s time to get your bookkeeping in order for your home based business, we offer affordable rates to home based / direct sales business owners contact us today for your FREE consultation and get on the road to a better understanding of where your business is headed!

I have worked in direct sales myself so I have the experience to help you keep your business on track!

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Accounts Payable aka A/P & Bills (Term Tuesday)


Accounts Payable aka A/P & Bills


  • “Any amount owed as the result of a purchase of goods or services on a credit basis. Although a firm making a purchase issues no written promise of payment, it enters the amount owed as a current liability in its accounts. Companies often incur this type of short-term debt in order to finance their inventories, especially in industries where inventory turnover is rapid.” http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/account%20payable
  • QuickBooks help center defines this account “The record of the outstanding bills of a business. Accounts Payable is called A/P for short. (Even though the word accounts is plural, QuickBooks uses a single account on the chart of accounts to track all outstanding bills.)”

“An account that QuickBooks automatically adds to your chart of accounts the first time you enter a bill. QuickBooks uses this account to track the money your business owes to others. When you enter a new bill, or pay off outstanding bills, QuickBooks records the transaction in the register for your Accounts Payable account.”

“Your chart of accounts lists the type of this account as “Accounts Payable.” If you need to use more than one of this type of account in your business, you can add additional “accounts payable” accounts to the chart. When you have more than one accounts payable account, QuickBooks lets you choose the account you want to use when you enter and pay bills.”

Have you ever asked yourself How do I pay myself? Salary or Draw?

Have you ever asked yourself as the business owner how you should pay yourself?  This Article from Intuit QuickBooks has some great suggestions on just that!

“Salary or Draw? How to Pay Yourself as Business Owner”